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Welcome to High and Mighty Photo!

May you find my aviation images enjoyable and inspirational. Since

being a purist is important to me, I do not use enhancement software

on my fine art aviation photographic images. The high resolution,

copyrighted images on this site and on Facebook and Instagram are

available for publishing or as a fine art archival print or as a signed limited

edition print. My images can also be seen at the Whitefield Gallery.

Please call, email or contact me on Facebook for pricing. My images have been published in AOPA, EAA, General Aviation News and many other fine magazine

and aviation websites. My images are in the Whitehouse,the International Balloon Museum, the Southwest Soaring Museum and the
National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.


Robert is a Seasoned Film Director, Producer, Design Director

FAA Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Glider, FAA Remote Pilot Certification

Certified in a Variety of Vintage Aircraft

Served in the USAF/Air National Guard, Medevac Squadron

MS. Pratt Institute, Design Communications

Member of EAA, AOPA, SSA, International Aviation Photographers (ISAP)



Contact:  roberttalarcyk@icloud.com                     Phone: 908.670.1992


International Society of Aviation Photographers


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• commercial •  air show & events • air to air • aerial • landscape • auto racing


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